Humpty-Dumpty Dance School is Celtic dance school in Saint-Petersburg, where everyone who wishes can learn traditional Irish, Scottish and Breton dances.

Humpty-Dumpty is the English name of Shaltay-Boltay Club, the place in which the Celtic music playing was started by folk groups. In 1999 the regular classes by Celtic dance were started here. So the name Humpty-Dumpty is the tribute to this club and community of folk musicians and dancers. The present name of The School was used for first time in summer 2002 during Interceltique Festival de Lorient as word-for-word translation. And since that time Humpty-Dumpty is the official name of the newly established school.

Apart from this reason the name of The School is the attempt to avoid quasiirish names and, consequently, different linguistic casuses.

As abovementioned the sustained trainings of Celtic dance in Saint-Petersburg continue since 1999, first of all, due to the people, who are the frame of The School today. The process of separation of The School to the independent organization unit was started in 2002 (the composition of organization structure, selection of educational base and staff, the searches of training and repetition bases, first classes). In full The School works since 2003.

At the present time The School has some regular groups and one demo troupe. The classes are prosecuted in special fit room, there is a cafe on the ground floor. The admission to the classes take place twice per year: after Samhain (31 October) and after St.Patrick's Day because of great significance of the events for "Celtic" community of Saint-Petersburg. Usually there are a lot of concerts during these days. They promote the Celtic culture and strengthen the interest to the latter (and to Celtic dance in particular).

Every person who interests Celtic culture can be the student of our School. Because The School is amateur their door are open for all, there isn't the admission selection. In spite of this circumstance we try to work for more professional level of teaching and to hold "the high slat" for our students all the time.

The teachers of The School are people, for whom the teaching and popularisation of Celtic dances is the significant part of their life. The base of the training is the knowledge and attainments, the source of which is all manner of festivals, master-classes and the special literature and video courses. In spite of absence of professional dancers among the teachers all of them have some dancing experience and attempt to provide the high level of teaching. The largest part of studied dances is Irish dances (ceili & set-dances). Apart from these we give the basic knowledge in the field of Breton and Scottish dances.

Despite all problems just due to the activity of The School we can see the very significant progress in the area of popularisation and teaching of Celtic (especially Irish) dances in Saint-Petersburg.

Since the very beginning of The School its dancers are not only "dancing spectators and listeners" at the concerts of the most popular groups but actively perform their own dancing program during various events of culture life of Saint-Petersburg (concerts, festivals, presentations, some official measures) and the corporate and private parties as well.

It's become a good tradition for The School to take part in carrying of Days of Scotland in Saint-Petersburg. Since 2003 the dancers of the School together with Reelroad group acted during Days of Ireland in Saint-Petersburg; in 2002-2004 participated in annual festival of folk music festival "Paradigma" in Petrozavodsk city. In December 2002 HDDS and Skylark group have presented the performance "Celtic Flame" at the Philharmonic Society of Petrozavodsk. And there were a lot of similar performances:

If you lose your head at sounds of fiery Irish reel, Scottish march or Breton jig or polka, if one fine morning you have discovered the Celtic origins in your soul, if you really want to get pleasure from dance - you are welcome!