The School opens its doors for new students once a year - after Samhain's celebration (in the beginning of November).

During the first year (with summer vacation) novices study in the "Interceltic" group, familiarizing themselves with dances of different trends: folk Breton, Scottish, soft shoes Irish and get some idea on what would they like to study further. Also "Set" group is constanly open for admission (see below).

After the introductory "Interceltic" course some divisioning takes place:

- "Breton+" (advanced study of Breton chains, pair and round dances, certain scottish country dances and some other simple ones; the course lasts till next summer);

- "Ceili" (group Irish figure soft shoes dances; the course lasts for a year);

- "Solo Step Dancing" (Irish solo hard shoes dances both in old (Sean-Nos) and new style; only for those studying in "Ceili" group or having finished it; the course lasts for two years). Note: for these dances you are to by special Hard/Jig Shoes!

The classes are continuing to take place once a week, attending several courses at once is allowed and advisable, discount subscriptions for 2-4 courses at one are available.

Besides the "Sets" group (Irish Social Set Dancing) is constantly open. You can join it at the beginning of each month (studying a single set is estimeted to take one month).

The classes for all courses take place once a week, on weekday evenings. Attending several different classes is possible and encouraged, discounts are available.

We're waiting for you!